Interior Painting Services

As many local businesses & homeowners alike will attest to, the paint spread, paint layout, paint palette, and the overall “paint job” that graces the walls & surfaces of a property’s interior features plays an instrumental role in the welcoming ambiance and invitational allure that a property presents to visitors. Whether it’s a tastefully contrasted series of colors & hues designed to open a room and encourage basking or if it’s artfully rendered accent walls and corresponding trim that permeates refinement and subtlety, it always pays to explore local painting options in coverage when recruiting for interior paintings services. To that effect, we’ve been honing our interior painting expertise for the better part of half of a century and it’s readily apparent by the droves of happy painting clients and the steady influx of referral-based painting projects we are frequently tasked with administering. If your particular interior painting project calls for decades of painting experience for interior settings, an undeniable commitment to quality, & painting coverage that is renowned for adaptability, then be sure to enlist the consensus-best painting company in the Florida area - our painters here at Myers Painting of Jax.

Services include:

✓ Accent Walls
✓ Paint Matching
✓ Trim Painting
✓ Post-Painting Clean-Up
✓ Custom Interior Painting
✓ Comprehensive Site Preparation
✓ Ceiling Painting
✓ French Doors
✓ Mantle Staining/Painting
✓ Chair Rail/Wainscoting
✓ Shelving/Crown Molding
✓ Cedar Beams/Staining
✓ Ceiling Painting
✓ Railings Painting/Staining

Exterior Painting Services

Depending on the texture that adorns the walls of your property’s exterior (be it lap siding, hardi-plank, lathe, stucco, brick, or a custom finish) it may best to recruit professional assistance when you are endeavoring to (re)paint certain exterior elements or outdoor aspects. Moreover, the size, scale, and amount of square footage directly determine the overall cost associated with (re)painting your property’s exterior. As such, our company, Myers Painting of Jax, has been one of the leading painting companies here in Florida that is responsible for top-notch painting services specified for outdoor elements and/or exterior aspects on behalf of our valued clientele for over 30 years - and still counting! Our in-house exterior painting specialists combine generations of painting experience for local properties of all types; including commercial [exterior] painting services, residential [exterior] painting services, industrial [exterior] painting services, as well as expertly fulfilling many specialty painting capacities. If you are interested in scheduling an on-site exterior painting assessment to (re)paint your property’s exterior or have additional questions regarding our exterior painting coverage, please feel free to reach out to one of our certified master painters directly.

Services Include:

Wall Painting ✓
Stucco Painting ✓
Lathe Painting ✓
Roof Painting ✓
Texture Painting ✓
Custom Painting ✓
Hardie Board ✓
Lap Siding ✓
Concrete Staining & Sealing ✓
Paving Sealing ✓
Epoxy/Xylene Garage Flooring ✓
Fence Painting ✓
Caulking/Waterproofing ✓

Pressure/Power Washing Services

One of the most effective methods of cleaning the hardscaped elements of your property is to enlist the pressure/power washing of an experienced power/pressure washing company that is well-versed in such professional practices. We strongly encourage you to explore the quality pressure/power washing services we offer our local clients If your property has fallen victim to one (or any) of the following:

Calcified deposits
Rust-stained concrete
Paint flaking from your walls
Driveway marring - oil/grease/gas

Our teams of licensed experts apply years of pressure & power washing experience during every power washing project we are recruited to manage. Doing so ensures the area or feature(s) that we are tasked with pressure washing are pristine, free of blemish(es), and ready or additional painting, texturing, or treatment. We also highly recommend taking full advantage of our comprehensive pressure washing consultations and reach out directly in order to expedite your particular power washing service request.

Services include:

✓ Residential House Washing
✓ Driveways
✓ Sidewalks
✓ Patios and Decks
✓ Fence Cleaning
✓ Gutters and Downspouts